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Join Now Joining jellycast is simple. You select a username, which becomes part of your jellycast web address This will be the address you visit to log on and to manage your podcasts and also the address where your podcasts will live once you've uploaded them. You will need to decide which hosting plan your prefer. Our Plan 0 lets you post as many podcasts as you like for a flat rate fee for life of just £10. Upgrade plans are available to users with higher bandwidth needs. Join now and get podcasting!
Hosting Plans

On the signup form, you'll be asked which hosting plan you want to use. Plan 0 incurs absolutely no ongoing costs whatsover, and allows thousands of listens to your podcast every month. Higher plans allow for very popular and commercial podcasts, all at reasonable monthly charges. You can pay this with any credit or debit card, whichever country you reside.

All hosting plans above Plan 1 include a free web hosting, e-mail hosting and use of your own domain name. Please contact Positive Internet for details of how to claim a free Z hosting account worth £125+VAT a year after joining Jellycast Plan 1 or higher.
Hosting Plan Setup Fee Monthly Fee Included Free Monthly Bandwidth Additional Monthly Bandwidth Allowance
Plan 0 £10 £0 25 GB 0 GB
Plan 1 £0 £10 25 GB +5 GB
Plan 2 £0 £15 25 GB +10 GB
Plan 3 £0 £30 25 GB +25 GB
Plan 4 £0 £90 25 GB +75 GB
Plan 5 £0 £125 25 GB +125 GB
Plan 6 £0 £180 25 GB +225 GB